DIY Dance: The Name Game

Name Game

  • Have students stand in a circle, choose one student to begin
  • The first student will say their first name, followed by a simple action: “My name is Bizz, and I like to do this (pats head)”. All students in the circle will say “Hi Bizz!” and repeat her action, patting themselves on the head
  • The student to Bizz’s right will then do the same, creating their own action: “My name is Joe and I like to do this (bends and straightens knees),” and the circle will say “Hi Joe!” and repeat his action.
  • Then Joe will introduce the student to his left by saying “This is my friend Bizz and she likes to (pat head)”. The circle will do Bizz’s action along with Joe
  • Then the student to Joe’s right will do the same, introducing Joe and then Bizz, while the circle repeats each of their actions. This continues all the way around the circle, until the last person introduces everyone else and their action: “My name is Amy, and I like to do this (twist hips). These are my friends, Rob likes to (shake head), Maria likes to (hop)…. Joe likes to (bend knees) and Bizz likes to (pat head)”
  • Students who get stuck on a name or action may ask the circle for help
  • You can try a movement theme, for example large or small actions, actions for specific body parts, or animal movements. You can also try a silent version with actions only.

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