Photo 2012-10-25 3 03 18 PM cropI Believe in the Power of Movement!

I believe in the power movement has to build strong, confident bodies. To bring people together and help them get along. To teach life skills at every age. To heal the body and mind. To reveal your true self, and to connect you to it. To improve the functioning of the mind and the quality of daily life. To inspire, entertain and bring joy to anyone. To remind us we are all human, and all in this together.

In my yoga & pilates classes students will rediscover the joy of movement while building stability and improving flexibility and strength. The classes are open to students of all levels and blend yoga and pilates to engage your core and strengthen your mind-body connection. You will tone your body to the rhythm of your breath as you move through a flowing sequence of exercises. Students will learn the principles of good alignment while energizing the body and invigorating the mind. I have worked with many injuries and various mobility issues and can adapt my lessons to be accessible to anyone, regardless of age, experience or range of motion.