Class Schedule

Day Time Class Location Notes
 by request  Private Lessons  Home Studio email to book
Monday   6:15-7:15pm Yoga Pilates Fusion Home Studio begins Sept 11
Thursday 11am-12pm  Core Yoga for Mamas & Babies  Rebirth Wellness begins July 5 
Friday  10-11am Chair Yoga Downtown Yoga EAST
Saturday 11-11:45am Kids’ Yoga (ages 4-7)   Rebirth Wellness begins Sept 15
Saturday 12:15-1:15pm  Prenatal Pilates (6 weeks, pre-registered)  Rebirth Wellness begins Sept 22

Details and Class Descriptions below…


My home yoga studio is a cozy space big enough for a handful of students, and well suited to one-on-ones. It is located near the intersection of Adelaide and Hamilton, easy to get to on the bus and there is free parking available.

Please book your session in advance by emailing or calling 226-919-8969. You can also get a preview by checking out my free videos.


FusionYoga Pilates Fusion
Monday 6:15-7:15 pm 
Home Studio
near Hamilton & Adelaide
Drop ins $15 | Four for $50 | Eight for $80
*NOTE: Pre-paid classes must be used within 60 days of purchase

Discover the amazing power of fusion fitness! In this fun, all-levels class, Bizz will combine the precision and efficiency of Pilates with the heart-opening focus and flow of Yoga. Moving between detailed anatomical information and big-picture, full-body integration, this mind-body workout will leave you feeling grounded and energized. You’ll learn to mindfully align, energize and relax your body to the rhythm of your breath with a few ‘oms’ and some deep core activation. Balance strength and flexibility to calm your mind and centre your body for the rest of your day.

Core Yoga for Mamas & Babies
Thursdays 11am-12pm
Rebirth 256 Central Ave
Visit for pricing

Reconnect with your body as you reactivate your core in this all-levels postnatal class. Baby will join you as you mindfully align, energize and relax your body to the rhythm of your breath with a few ‘oms’ and some deep core activation.  Yoga poses combined with pilates exercises will  tune up your the pelvic floor and stretch and strengthen your whole body. You’ll l;eave feeling, clam, centred, and ready to take on the rest of your day.

Brandy yoga 1.jpg

Chair Yoga (for students with special needs)
Friday 10-11 am

Downtown Yoga Holistic Centre EAST 637 Dundas Street #105
$15 Drop in (or less with a class pass)

A gently energizing yoga class for students with special needs. Through her personal history with injuries and ongoing professional development Bizz has gained a healthy respect for fitness basics and a wealth of knowledge on pain management and rehabilitation. She has extensive experience adapting and modifying movements to allow people with injuries, movement restrictions and mobility issues to enjoy the benefits of mind-body movement.

Kids’ Yoga (ages 4-7)
Saturdays 11-11:45am
(begins Sept 15)
Rebirth 256 Central Ave
Visit for pricing

During each 45 minute class your child will practice meditation and yoga while incorporating interactive games, stories and activities. Through meditation we will be learning breathing techniques and visualization to manage strong emotions, self-regulate, cope with transitions and build resiliency. Using Yoga as a moving meditation, your child will leave the program feeling grounded and refreshed.

The simple and fun techniques we use can easily be incorporated into their daily routine and will be developmentally appropriate for each child’s unique interests, needs and abilities. Together the children will create a safe and beautiful place to connect with their true selves, building their sense of self love and worth.

Prenatal Pilates (6 weeks, pre-registered)
Saturdays 12:15-1:15pm
September 22 to October 28
Rebirth 256 Central Ave
Visit for pricing

Prenatal pilates classes focus on keeping and building muscle throughout pregnancy, building core strength and increasing endurance as you prepare for birth.  More than just a safe prenatal workout, this class brings in the mind + body + baby connection that is so important. Safe for all stages of pregnancy with modifications for any ache or issue.


img_1953-cropEasy Ballet
currently on hiatus – contact me if you’re interested in starting a class!

Come out and experience the joy of ballet! This easy class is open to beginners, boomers, and aspiring bun-heads of all kinds. Men and women are welcome, no previous experience required.

In this fun and flowing class we’ll focus on creative expression while moving with poise and grace. A gentle workout for both body and brain that will challenge your memory with patterns and simple choreography. Bizz will guide you through basic ballet technique and positions of the arms and legs. You’ll learn barre and centre work, as well as port de bras (arm movements) and traveling steps. There will be no jumping in this class and only minimal turns.

What to wear? Leggings or yoga pants that show your feet and ankles, with a fitted top or leotard. Ballet shoes are recommended but not required.

Bonny's Dance reh 7 crop 2.jpgCONTEMPORARY DANCE for ADULTS (beginners welcome)
currently on hiatus – message me if you’re interested!

Join Bizz for a four-week adventure through a range of contemporary dance styles.  An unconventional mix of exercises drawn from modern, ballet, yoga, pilates and somatic practices will follow the traditional progression from floor to centre and on to traveling steps and choreography. You’ll challenge both your body and mind with fun improvisations and soulful combinations set to great music. This class is open to all levels.

The new Dance Social Network Drop-In Dance Centre has many amazing classes happening all summer, and if you purchase a pass it will get you into ALL of them! Drop ins are $15, and you don’t have to commit to registration for consecutive weeks.

Currently on hiatus – message me if you’re interested!
What do you get when you combine three sassy ladies, a funky soundtrack, lots of core strengthening and a whole bunch of belly laughs? You get Piladies Night! Lengthen & strengthen your body with a fun and effective head-to-toe pilates workout. In this all-levels matwork class you will learn the essentials of core support to add grace and power to your every movement. Tone your body to the rhythm of your breath as you move through a flowing sequence designed to balance strength and flexibility. With a focus on breathing, centering and alignment this low-impact workout will energize your body and invigorate your mind. Read more about pilates.

Currently on hiatus – message me if you’re interested!

Open your mind and body in a flowing sequence combining the precision and efficiency of pilates with the heart-opening focus and flow of yoga. You’ll learn to mindfully align, energize and relax your body to the rhythm of your breath with a few ‘oms’ and some deep core activation. Balance strength and flexibility to calm your mind and centre your body for the rest of your day.