DIY Dance: Spine Dance

Spine Dance

  • Have students start by sitting on the floor with their hands clasped behind their backs.
  • Ask students to move their spines in all the ways they can think of (forward, back, side, twist, curve, straight)
  • Have students think of animals or objects that move like their spines (worms, snakes, slinkys, pipes, elephant trunks, etc)
  • Play some fun music and give students 8-16 counts to spine dance their way from sitting to standing – without using their hands to get up! And then have them make their way back to the floor
  • The object is not to be the first to stand up, but rather to get from sitting to standing in the most interesting way possible. Students may get ideas from watching each other move, so try it in two or more groups
  • To make it more challenging, students can begin lying on the floor, or instead of standing up, try moving across the room without using their hands.

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