DIY Dance: Freeze Dance


Freeze Dance

Students never grow out of this classic game!

  • Have students spread out in the space. When the music begins, student will move around the space in any way they choose
  • When the music stops, students must FREEZE immediately, until the music begins again
  • You can have students dance like their favourite animal, slide their feet across the floor, crawl, skip or hop while the music plays. You can also use this game to explore the elements of dance (body, space, time, energy, relationship)
  • Students can freeze in various kinds of shapes: animal poses, flat, round, long, high, low, angular or one-legged poses
  • You may have the last student to freeze (or the first one to move before the music) sit out until there is only one student left in the dancing area, but this is optional. Students who are “out” can help the teacher choose movement and freeze styles for the remaining players.


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