DIY Dance: Body Paint

A great warm-up for body and mind, this can work just as well seated as in a big open space. Thanks to Ruth Douthwright for the inspiration!

  • The instructor will call out a body part, and students will imagine that part is a paint brush (start simple with hands, elbows or knees, then try fingers, toes, eyes, ears, hips, heels, hair and more)
  • Next the instructor will call out a question, such as ‘What is your favourite colour?’
  • Students will use the chosen body part to paint the answer to the question, ie. ‘blue’
  • Starting small, students will write out their answer over and over, getting larger each time, until the next question is asked
  • With younger students, draw shapes or letters
  • With older students, add a layer of complexity by suggesting a surface to paint on as well, such as the floor, ceiling, or walls

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