Start Me Up ~ The Winter Warm-up Workout


Here it is! Start Me Up – The Winter Warm-up Workout is your ticket to sticking with at least one resolution this year. I challenge you to do it twice a week, and to pay attention to the positive changes it will have on your posture, your balance, your daily aches & pains, and your sense of calm & well-being. I challenge myself to make at least one new video for you each month, which will achieve my goal of practicing my teaching technique, and discovering what people want in a workout video. Which means I’d love to hear what you have to say about this, my very first video. How did you feel after doing the workout? Would you like more or less of anything I did or said? Do you want background music? Fill me in on your feelings and we’ll both benefit!


Start Me Up is a fun, 20-minute, yoga & pilates workout which assumes you have a basic knowledge of yoga and anatomy terms. But don’t be intimidated if you don’t! If you’re new to yoga & pilates, or new to fitness videos, watch the video once or twice from the comfort of your couch before doing the moves to get familiar with the language and the routine. And when I say 20 minutes, I really mean the video is about 17.5 minutes long, which should give you just enough time to roll out your mat, grab a glass of water, and pull on your stretchy pants.

So do it! Clear some space in your living room and spend 20 minutes being good to your body in 2011.

Happy New Year!

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