New video: The Hippy Hippy Shake

Yeah you heard me! This month’s video is all about hips, with a side of hamstings. This flowing sequence does an amazing job of warming up the hips so you can get a great stretch for those stiff leg muscles. Whether you sit at a desk all day or spend it on your feet, your hips will be doing a happy dance by the end of this 30 minute workout. (Just a small disclaimer: I was feeling a little random the day this was recorded, and a few of my cues are mumbly and there are a couple lively demonstrations of the wrong way to do an exercise – just saying, you should watch carefully the first time through so you catch everything!)

So for goodness’ sake, roll out your mat and take my mom’s advice, which, depending on the day, is “throw a pose” and/or “shake what your mama gave ya!”

Hippy Hippy Shake Part 1Part 2Part 3

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