The Movement Experience

I believe in the power of movement to build strong, confident bodies. To bring people together. To teach interpersonal and life skills. To heal the body and mind. To connect you to your true self. To improve the functioning of the mind and increase learning capacity. To inspire and entertain. To remind us we are all human, and all in this together.

In my Movement Experience workshops I teach movements from a variety of dance and fitness techniques. I combine them in ways that focus participants on the essential connection of body and mind and invite learners to use their creative powers of expression. Each lesson is as fun as possible to ensure that students experience not just technique but also the joy of movement. I have worked with many injuries and various movement restrictions and can adapt my lessons to be accessible to anyone, regardless of experience or range of motion.

The Movement Experience gets students moving and learning with material drawn from the NEW Ontario Dance Curriculum. Teachers will also learn tools to help them deliver the dance material to students in their classroom, while promoting physical fitness.

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