DIY Dance: Name Wave

  • Have students stand in a circle, choose one student to begin
  • The first student will say their first name, and demostrate a simple action or dance move: “Bizz (reaches index finger on diagonal up and then across body – disco style)”. All students in the circle will say “Bizz” and repeat her disco move.
  • The student to Bizz’s right will then do the same, creating their own move: “Joe (bends and straightens knees),” and the circle will say “Joe!” and repeat his action.
  • Then the student to Joe’s right will do the same, while the circle repeats their action. This continues all the way around the circle, until the last person to Bizz’s left does their action: “Amy (twist hips)”
  • Students may ask the instructor (or the circle) for help if they can’t think of a move
  • You may try a second “lightning” round, where students repeat the same move they have already chosen and try to complete the circle faster (and faster!) every time around
  • You can try a movement theme, for example large or small actions, actions for specific body parts, or animal movements. You can also try a silent version with actions only.

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