DIY Dance: Human Snowflakes

Human Snowflake

Students work together to create unique snowflakes using their bodies. I recommend a soundtrack of holiday tunes from a variety of cultures.

  • Have students draw snowflakes on large pieces of paper with markers
  • Moves desks and chairs aside or find a large (and relatively clean) floor space
  • Choose a simple drawing to begin with, and as a class, discuss how they lines in the drawing can me created by the students bodies, either by standing and linking arms or laying on the floor
  • Choose one student to be the Snowflake Director. The Director will tell their classmates where to place their bodies as part of the snowflake pattern. (The Director may need to stand on a chair to get a “bird’s eye view” on the design as it develops)
  • Once the design is complete, have the snowflake students give the Director a round of applause. You may also wish to take a photo or show other students and teachers your Human Snowflake
  • Move onto more challenging designs, or add a time limit for the Director. You might divide the students into groups to try and create more complicated designs with less bodies

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