Co-Ed Wednesdays! 7-8:30pm at CCDT

“Bizz, your videos are very inspiring. Honestly have to say, I find your approach and instructions are a pleasure to follow.”
-Deborah Alice Zuskan

Get Your Beach Body Back with

Co-Ed Wednesdays!

Maybe you’re like me and you spent all winter hibernating and trying to convince yourself that the cure for your blues must be at the bottom of this bag of chips (or the one after that…) And maybe now you’re wishing you had spent less of your spring cursing the still-cold weather (and said chips) and more of it working up a sweat. Well it’s not too late!

Tone up your abs, arms, legs and butt in a fabulous summer edition of my signature blend of yoga & pilates. The classes will be 1.5 hours long to give us time for a little cardio – just what you need to get back into those 2010 pants. In just 4 classes your body will be centered, lengthened, strengthened and ready for the beach!

Co-Ed Wednesdays!

Wednesdays 7:00-8:30pm

Rediscover the joy of movement while building stability and improving strength and flexibility. This all-levels class blends yoga and pilates to engage your core and strengthen your mind-body connection. Tone your body to the rhythm of your breath as you move through a flowing sequence of poses. Learn the universal principles of good alignment while energizing your body and invigorating your mind!

July 20th – Centre, Abs & Rock n Roll (Or why yoga turns me on)

July 27th – Let Your Backbone Slide (Lengthen and strengthen your spine)

August 10th – Beefy Arms (Arm strengtheners that won’t necessarily make you look beefy – unless you want to!)

August 17th – Hip Hop Ya Don’t Stop (Hip openers to unlock your leg power)

Canadian Contemporary Dance Theatre
509 Parliament Street (just N of Carlton)

$20/class – CASH ONLY!

Bring Your Own Mat! (You can get a good one for less than $20 at Winners, but I’d avoid the dollar-store ones cause they tend to disintegrate quickly)

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