Yoga Pilates Fusion

In-the-basement Yoga Pilates Fusion
Wednesday 6-7 pm 

Home Studio – basement
690 Little Grey St, near Hamilton & Adelaide
Drop ins $15 | Four for $50 | Eight for $80
*NOTE: Pre-paid classes must be used within 60 days of purchase

Discover the amazing power of fusion fitness! In this fun, all-levels class, Bizz will combine the precision and efficiency of Pilates with the heart-opening focus and flow of Yoga. Moving between detailed anatomical information and big-picture, full-body integration, this mind-body workout will leave you feeling grounded and energized. You’ll learn to mindfully align, energize and relax your body to the rhythm of your breath with a few ‘oms’ and some deep core activation. Balance strength and flexibility to calm your mind and centre your body for the rest of your day.

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