Yamatji Nation Agreement

YMAC congratulates all the traditional owners of Yamatji Nation Claim Consent Determination and Indigenous Land Use Agreement who were signed on February 7, 2020. Land and Sea Management provided advice on cooperative management of protected areas, ranger models in the VA and national level, and general land and sea management. Staff across the country were aware of the costs associated with soil management, shingles, market comparisons, specialized land administration and verification of ownership and management documents negotiated with the government. If you have an application to join Yamatji Southern Regional Corporation Limited (YSRC) or would like to learn more about the agreement, please contact the Corporation under Yamatjicentral@outlook.com A Pioneering Agreement on Indigenous Land Use (ILUA) and yamatji Nation Consent Claim determination was celebrated in Geraldton on 7 February 2020 following an on-Country Federal Court Hearing. IlUA provides for the protection of Aboriginal culture and heritage by introducing a condition imposed on any new mining and oil development granted in the area of the agreement. This requirement requires supporters to enter into a standard Yamatji Proponent Standard Heritage Agreement with the Regional Unit or some other form of Aboriginal-heritage agreement with regional unity. The new condition provides for the need to conclude an agreement on cultural heritage before the exercise by supporters of one of the rights, powers or duties in accordance with the overlapping part of the mandate in the territory of the convention. Current YMAC teams involved in the project include lawyers representing the South Yamatji, Hutt River and Yamatji Nation Claims. The research consisted of highly skilled anthropologists who conducted archival and genealogy research, cultural mapping and “laws and customs” analysis, as described in the Native Title Act of 1993.

Heritage experts provided TONT with detailed specialized advice, participated in TONT workshops and federal court mediations, and prepared heritage agreements. ILUA also plans to create a nature reserve, under which the Department of Biodiversity and Conservation and Conservation and Yamatji Southern Regional Corporation (Regional Entity) will jointly manage new nature protection zones and existing national parks. This will limit the capacity of mining and oil proponents working in the area of proposed new natural or national parks to conduct activities after the parks are created. “We would like to congratulate the Yamatji Nation Traditional Owners who have worked so hard to bring this agreement to life. Yamatji Nation ILUA will ensure that traditional landowners participate in the economic development benefits of their lands and guarantee their financial independence to their communities.¬†On February 7, 2020, the State of Western Australia and southern Yamatji, Hutt River, Mullewa Wadjari and Widi Mob concluded that groups have entered into an Indigenous Land Use Agreement (ILUA) that documents a national title regime agreed upon during negotiations on the Geraldton Settlement Option Agreement. On the same day, the Bundesgerichtshof issued orders merging these national claims into a claim called “Yamatji Nation” and a national title approval for these claims.