Tax Return Preparation Agreement

TIMING OF WORK: The timing of this commitment is crucial. Unless otherwise stated, as stated in the “Special Circumstances” section below, completion of this work is expected on or before the notification date. The work as part of this commitment begins with the signing and delivery of the contract and the payment of the invoice online. The completion date of the work depends in large part on the date of transmission of the requested information. I will provide written information on the expected completion of the work date, audit date and filing date. I will also provide written information on any changes to the expected data within 48 hours of such a change. ESTIMATE: An estimate of the tax preparation tax can be obtained by adding up the royalty plan amounts applicable to your tax return. YOUR RESPONSIBILITIES: You are responsible for providing the necessary tax documents and other information that may be requested. We need you to provide the information you need to produce complete and accurate returns. I may ask you to clarify some of the points, but I will not check the data you have provided or verify it in any other way. Check all tax return documents carefully before signing them. 3. Additional preparation, accounting or accounting procedures are not carried out that are not mentioned here, unless explicitly stated in the “Special Circumstances” section below or in a separate written agreement.

DOCUMENT MEMORY: I will keep and keep securely for seven years electronic copies of your files that I use for my work and our own working papers used for your engagement. Copies of these documents or paper prints of these documents are available for a fee. An electronic copy of a single document, such as. B A copy of last year`s W2 or tax return is not charged an additional fee. I don`t keep paper copies of the documents. I do not keep electronic copies of documents that you provide that are not used in my work. POST-ENGAGEMENT LOCAL TAXES: Unless otherwise agreed, this commitment includes, if applicable, the calculation and establishment of a local tax return, but not the online filing or paper filing of a local return. In most cases, it is easier and more efficient for you to do it yourself and most customers prefer this method.

I am available for additional services related to local tax returns. Work on a local tax issue after the closing and filing of the tax return, as described here, is considered after the end of the commitment. 3. File the tax return electronically and provide you with proof of acceptance of the electronic filing, unless paper returns or other agreements are made. ELECTRONIC SIGNATURE: To confirm that this letter correctly summarizes your understanding of the terms of this book, please sign a copy of this letter and send it back. We agree that an email response that you confirmed by typing “AGREED” or any other form of electronic signature has the same effect as a manual signature. This is an example agreement on high value for individual tax preparation services, which includes cost-saving technologies and procedures to save time and money while maintaining a high level of professional service (revised on 07.02.2019 for 2018 tax returns). WORK RESTRICTIONS: My work in filing your income tax returns does not involve procedures or work on a tax return that is not mentioned above.