In the Basement – That’s where it’s at!

In-the-basementHi all,

The next session of classes in my basement studio will begin next week and will run for 6 weeks this time around. For anyone with unused pre-paid classes, the extra weeks should give you a chance to use them up (I’ll send a separate email to let you know if you have any).

Here’s what you need to know:
-Wednesdays 6-7pm: May 18, 25, June 1, 8, 15, 22
-Saturdays 11am-12pm: May 21, 28, June 4, 11, 18, 25
-Prices: 4 classes for $50, 8 for $80 or $15 to drop in

Please note that you don’t have to wait for the beginning of a new session to join in the fun, just send me a message when you’re ready and you can get started!

Feel free to pass this email along to anyone else you think might be interested.

Finally, a heads up that there will be NO CLASSES between June 27th and July July 10th. I will be preparing for and recovering from this year’s FLUX Dance Festival

See you soon!

PS: Do you know that Etta James song “In the Basement”?


April-May Class Session

Sass-to-class.jpgBring your sass to class!

We’ve been having all kinds of fun in the basement studio! The classes are a gentle-yet-challenging combination of yoga & pilates. All levels and experience are welcome, and I can always offer modifications if you are healing from an injury or something just doesn’t work for your body. Singing along to the soundtrack and swearing are encouraged (it’s good for morale!) 

Join me for another 4 week session in April-May:

Wednesday Fusion 6-7pm will run from April 20 to May 11.

Saturday Fusion 11am-12pm will run from April 23 to May 14.

Fees Four classes for $50, or eight for just $80! Once a class is running, you may drop in for $15. More details on the Class Schedule page.

Classes require at least two students to run. Any cancellations will be posted by April 18th.

Saturday Saturday Saturday!

Sidebar 2Growing up, Saturdays were all about dance class. No matter what my social plans for the day were, ballet had to happen first.As I got older, Saturday became a day for teaching little ones to dance. Later it became a day for teaching yoga to grown-ups.

I’ve been off on Saturdays for the past few months, but it still feels like cheating when I have all morning to drink tea. When I drink enough tea, sometimes I even break a sweat! But a yoga-pilates fusion class is a far better way to warm up for the weekend – and then lunch tastes extra-delicious 🙂

Join me tomorrow for the first of four Saturday Fusion classes from 11am-noon. $15 to drop in or all four for $50. More details on the Class Schedule page. Email to register.


Bring on Spring!


Bring on Spring!

Ok ok, we’re not quite there yet, but the end of winter is definitely in sight. While you wait for warmer days and more sunshine, build some heat in your body by joining a class in my home studio!

Wednesday Fusion 6-7pm is in need of a new student or two. The next four-week session will run from March 23 to April 13.

Saturday Fusion 11am-12pm will be added to the roster very soon. Join me for four weeks from March 19 to April 9.

Fees Four classes for $50, or eight for just $80!

Classes require at least two students to run. Any cancellations will be posted by March 20th.



New classes to make you stronger in 2016!

Get stronger and calmer in 2016 (and beyond) with classes at my home studio!

The winter session will run from January 4 to February 28. Classes will run if three students pre-resigter. Drops ins are possible if there are enough people pre-registered.

FUSION (Yoga + Pilates) Wednesdays 6-7pm  cancelled: low enrollment
PILADIES NIGHT (Early Birds) Thursdays 6-7pm
PILADIES NIGHT (Night Owls) Thursdays 8:30-9:30pm cancelled

Register by emailing

If you are interested in a class that has been cancelled due to low enrollment, email me! There may be another student out there just hoping to get it running and you can help 🙂

8 classes for $100 or 4 classes for $50 (that’s just $12.50/class!).

My home studio is located near Hamilton and Adelaide in London, ON.

The fine print
Missed classes can be made up at another time during the 8 week session, or can be shared with a friend. Payments can be made by e-transfer, cash or cheque.

Win some holiday zen!

Contest continues until Dec 27th! Like & Share to win!


Like & share or Favourite & retweet and I’ll put your name in a draw to win a free lesson at my home studio. The winner gets to choose the style (yoga, pilates, dance, fusion) and bring up to four friends to share in the fun! Look for the contest image on Twitter @bizzvarty and Facebook/yogabizz

You can enter once a day on as many days as you like. Contest ends at midnight December 27, 2015.

For sale details visit the Fees & Registration page.


Sidebar 10WHY FUSION? All forms of movement are connected. What’s called temple pose in yoga is also known as a grand plié in second in ballet. What pilates instructors call spine flexion and extension is the same movement yogis call cat/cow. Mixing all the movement styles I have learned into my classes is only natural, because it’s what I do in my personal practice.

A little of this and a little of that is one way to find balance in my body, and each movement discipline has important lessons to teach. Yoga’s steady breathing, pilates’ focus and flow, and dance’s opportunities for expressing emotion all blend beautifully together.

The word fusion allows me to mix and match the elements that work best for my students, and challenges me to find new ways to move. Sometimes I add a little tai chi, or a strength training exercise. Sometimes I invent something new while experimenting between styles.

Fusion is my way of celebrating the infinite possibilities contained within our human bodies. Try it for yourself with one of my Fusion Quickie videos.



modernWHY DANCE? Helping us get around in space is one of the primary functions of our brains. To move is to live, and to move rhythmically is very human.

Our brains love patterns, and even the simplicity of walking left foot, right foot, left, right, brings us joy. It is incredibly hard for me to imagine not dancing, especially after 25 years of training.

Even when injuries prevented me from participating in the advanced classical forms I was used to, I still found ways to move to music. I swayed in my seat, I danced with my arms, I let emotions move through my body and direct it in space – even if I had to move very, very slowly while I was healing.

roll downExpressing yourself through movement doesn’t require years of training, just the willing suspension of self-consciousness. Although I’ve always enjoyed complex movements, anyone can enjoy letting the music guide them into a groove.
I often teach simple movements from my dance training in yoga or pilates classes because they feel really good no matter what your level of experience. Rolldowns are one of my favourites, and you can learn about in this video.