Intent To Purchase Agreement Template

While this is not a binding contract, it indicates that all parties agree to move forward in good faith. To demonstrate the agreement, all parties should sign the Memorandum of Understanding. Remember that just because something in a law is not that the agreement is final. Each party may continue to choose to end negotiations at any time, with no legal consequences. Is used between the seller of the business and a potential buyer of a business. Finally, you would use a commercial purchase agreement to conclude the agreement. The exact length of your letter of intent changes depending on the destination. As a general rule, a letter of action should be about one page long and no more than two pages long. A law does not last long because it merely summarizes the initial terms of an agreement.

If both parties decide to continue the agreement, there will be more details on the terms and conditions in their final contract, such as.B. From the seller`s point of view, the statement of intent gives them the certainty that you are totally serious. The seller has the opportunity to check your business experience and financial situation before making the final decision. For its part, as a buyer, it also offers you the opportunity to dig deeper into the seller`s store to discover problems or red flags. Exclusive bargaining rights. To encourage us to commit the funds, forego other potential opportunities and bear the legal, accounting and incidental costs necessary to assess the possibility of acquiring the stock of capital and current operations described above, and to negotiate the terms of the proposed transactions and to conclude them, including employment contracts, you consider that you, your related companies and your respective executives, directors, employees and representatives, for a period of ninety (90) days after the date of the agreement, you will not encourage an offer or offer regarding your employment and/or the possible acquisition of [COMPANY`s] capital stock by someone other than us, either to accept, directly or indirectly, an offer or proposal concerning your employment and/or the possible acquisition by someone other than ours of [COMPANY`s] stock of capital , including, without restriction, by the purchase of majority units, including, without restriction, by purchase of majority units, the purchase of the bulk of all assets or mergers, any or any substantial part of your equity or assets, and without our prior written consent, no confidential information about your assets or affairs may be disclosed to anyone other than us and your representatives.