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Leinwand / Keilrahmen I 40 x 30 cm

Joes Jeans Womens Flawless Vixen Sassy Bootcut Jean In Cecily, Dark Blue, 32

Joes Jeans Womens Flawless Vixen Sassy Bootcut Jean In Cecily, Dark Blue, 32

ディーンダビットソン レディース ネックレス・チョーカー・ペンダントトップ アクセサリー Dean Davidson Onyx Shield Pendant Necklace Silver/ Black Onyx

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Joe's Jeans Women's Flawless Vixen Sassy Bootcut Jean In Cecily, Dark Blue, 32

32-Dark Blue

Product Description

The Cecily boot cut is low rise in front and a higher rise in back to give your backside a lift and features a gravity-defying fabric that holds you in and smooth's you while allowing for maximum movement. 


Joe's flawless collection lifts and hides imperfections for your most flattering, gravity-defying silhouette ever This collection's body conscious fabric will hold you in and smooth you out while allowing effortless movement that will retain your most stunning silhouette from day to night
Boot leg
Full length
Brand : Joe's Jeans
Item model num : O86CC75841
MPN(PartNumber) : O86CC75841-400
EAN : 0888380239452

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