Civil Affairs Agreement Ditandatangani Oleh Negara

To accomplish this task, Mountbatten formed the Allied Armed Forces in the Netherlands East India (AFNEI) – the allied forces in Dutch India. The position of AFNEI commander, initially held by Rear Admiral Wilfred Patterson, was later replaced by Lieutenant-General Philip Christison, commander of the 15th British Army. But Christison himself did not arrive in Jakarta until September 30, 1945. But it turned out that there was a hidden agenda, led by the British and Australian armies on behalf of the Allies, to help the Dutch find their colony, in accordance with the treaty between England and the Netherlands, Civil Affairs Aggrement, signed on 24 August 1945 at Chequers, near London. Founded on April 3, 1944 in Australia, NICA was originally responsible for the association of the Dutch East Indies colonial government in exile with the Allied High Command in the South Pacific (SWPA). It was housed at Camp Colombia, Brisbane, originally under an Allied command structure. In early 1944, the Governor General of Dutch East India, H.J. Van Mook, and Swpa`s Commander-in-Chief, General Douglas MacArthur of the United States, agreed that the territory of East India of the Netherlands conquered by the Allies should be transferred to the civilian government of NICA. Due to political delays at the U.S. State Department, the Van Mook – MacArthur Civil Affairs Agreement was signed on December 10, 1944.

[1] On 15 August 1945, authority over Java, Bali, Lombok, Kalimantan and Sulawesi was ceded by MacArthur to Mountbatten. Many say that Indonesia`s fate will be different if the entry into Indonesia is an American soldier and not a British soldier. As these stakeholders set new priorities, the ICAO secretariat organizes bodies, task forces, conferences and seminars to examine their technical, political, socio-economic and other aspects. It then provides governments with the best possible results and advice, as they jointly and diplomatically establish new international standards and recommended practices for civil aviation at the international level.