VIDEO Let’s Get It On: Fusion Love for your Core & Spine

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♥ So I woke up this morning, looked down and said, “I love you abs. I know sometimes I bitch at you for hiding behind that layer of delicious chips, but the truth is you do so much for me every day, and I really, truly appreciate it.” And then I rubbed my belly, pointed to my yoga mat and said, “Let’s get it on.”

Show yourself some ♥ today with my brand new FREE video, 13 minutes of core & spine bliss featuring the lovely and talented Candice Sheriff, and filmed by the fabulous Deborah Alice Zuskan. We filmed two more fusion quickies for the upper and lower body, which will be coming your way very soon, so stay tuned in and turned on 😉

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New video: The Hippy Hippy Shake

Yeah you heard me! This month’s video is all about hips, with a side of hamstings. This flowing sequence does an amazing job of warming up the hips so you can get a great stretch for those stiff leg muscles. Whether you sit at a desk all day or spend it on your feet, your hips will be doing a happy dance by the end of this 30 minute workout. (Just a small disclaimer: I was feeling a little random the day this was recorded, and a few of my cues are mumbly and there are a couple lively demonstrations of the wrong way to do an exercise – just saying, you should watch carefully the first time through so you catch everything!)

So for goodness’ sake, roll out your mat and take my mom’s advice, which, depending on the day, is “throw a pose” and/or “shake what your mama gave ya!”

Hippy Hippy Shake Part 1Part 2Part 3

February’s Video: Let Your Backbone Slide

Let Your Backbone Slide is my second 20-minute yoga & pilates video. The workout is designed to open your heart and melt that closed-up, shut-down, icky feeling that creeps in every February. The focus of the video is back bends, which energize the body, and help focus the mind to get you out of that mid-winter brain fog.

This video will challenge you to let go of tension, increase your core strength and find a new grace of movement. As always, if you’re new to yoga & pilates, watch the video once or twice through before you begin to get familiar with the routine. If you have any questions about the postures, alignment or specific aches and pains, please get in touch with me at – I’m happy to help!

Now clear some space, roll out your mat, and get ready to let your backbone slide!

(And here’s some random trivia on my choice of song for this month’s video: Maestro Fresh-Wes’s 1989 sing Let Your Backbone Slide was the first Canadian hip hop single to reach #1 on The Record singles chart, and in 2008 was still the best-selling Canadian hip hop single of all-time. Lisa Beaulieu, owner of the beautiful Shas Studio where this video was filmed, was an extra in the club scenes for the video. And finally, this song is especially appropriate for this workout because the Maestro incorporates the anatomical term Sacroiliac into his rap (hear for yourself at 2:57 into the tune). Thanks Wikipedia!)